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American Accent Training in Chennai

Zeus Academy's American accent training in Chennai is a unique approach towards English Language training. Our students profile includes software professionals, middle and senior level management professionals, lawyers, law students, doctors, charted accountants, lecturers, and teachers. We also impart American Accent training to corporates, and educational institutions. Our American Accent training classes are with experienced trainers.

Study of any language is not just grammar; it just brings in structure. Apart from grammar accent and pronunciation make the language natural and informal it makes the language sound fluid, continuous and global. It first helps one to get rid of mother-tongue-influence in English. The language is made of too many sets of rules. The beginning and most important step in American Accent training is pronunciation of alphabets. The right pronunciation of alphabets makes the word pronunciation better and better. Word pronunciation in American Accent training makes the sentences sound native and global.

Our Zeus academy will help you to logically understand and implement the rules as and when you interact in English. The study of any language is a life skill, where you will actually react spontaneously. It means whatever you learn, you will have to practically implement to master the language. Zeus Academy's American accent training innovatively simplifies the content and makes sure you master the essentials of the language.

Zeus Academy's American accent training begins with the study of alphabets, pronunciation of consonants, contraction, and word connection, in depth study of vowel sounds, syllables, word stress, intonation pattern and slang. Our American Accent training will enable you to understand the nuances of implementation.

Our American Accent training motto is 'Here begins a new life'. Indeed our training brings in a new lease of life. It strengthens one's academics and career. They easily outshine others with their better presentation skills and improved knowledge skills. Take a look at the testimonials which speak the volumes about their success.

As we train different levels of students, we understand their capabilities. We respect their learning capabilities and tailor the curriculum of American Accent training programme. Because of this duration and fee is on the higher side. We expect the students to respect and value the American Accent training provided. For that one has to be sincere, dedicated and serious minded. They should interact a lot in the classroom. Apart from American Accent training the trainees will learn a lot about life skills, such as ethics, behavioural skills, soft skills, and lateral thinking and so on.

Since 2009, we have successfully trained thousands of professionals and corporates in and around Chennai. Our website testimonials and reviews speak volume about our success. In fact, our students script our success.


Zeus Academy provides complete English language and accent training support to five diverse groups of stakeholders:

  • Individuals and Groups
  • College students and fresh graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Corporate houses
  • Government agencies and NGOs

We customize training modules, programs and courseware based on the need of improvement and learning.

Our training programs are designed to increase productivity and improve access to opportunities both in life and career.

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