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We customize training modules, programs, and course-ware based on the levels of the students.

Zeus Academy is delighted to introduce our specialized training programs. These programs are specifically designed for short duration. We can also work with you to tailor a training to meet your specific requirements

We focus on,

  • International English
  • Understanding Global English
  • Speaking clearly
  • Industry specific language skills

In all our courses, we place great emphasis on learner centered training; trainees are encouraged to interact and participate fully in the training room. We also encourage participants to take great responsibility for their own learning by promoting self-reflection and action planning for ongoing developments.

Zeus Academy Courses

Our training programs are taught using a combination of traditional classroom lecture, guided participation drills, and practical exercises. They are designed to quickly endow participants with a degree of confidence in their communication skills, allowing them to actively participate. Our goal is to encourage participants to react spontaneously and logically, rather than according to memorized rules are formulas.

Global English training:

Description: Introduction to Alphabets, Classification of consonants, vowel and diphthong sounds,Learning phonetic symbols, Consonant Blends, Plural & Other - s endings, Past tense endings. contraction, and pronunciation of common words, Understanding syllables, Word Stress [Syllable Stress in words], Sentence stress [Word stress in sentences- content words vs.function words]. Intonation pattern, Difference between Indian & Global Accent, Liaisons[Linking], Conversational speaking [Colloquialism & Slang], Difference between American and British English.


Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Sentence patterns, adverbials, Tenses, Verb formation and situations, Active and passive voice, Sentence rhythm, Clauses, Independent clause and dependent clause, Choosing verbs, Adjectives and adverbs, articles, and punctuation.

Conversational English:

Description: This course is designed for students who have an average understanding of English. It is made up of a review of the rules of English (Grammar), The sounds of English (accent and pronunciation, and the Content of English (idioms and expressions, phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases). Primary emphasis is on the aspects of practical English.

Advanced English:

Description: This course is designed for students with an intermediate to advanced understanding of English, whose application of the English language enables them to develop more advanced conversational techniques and strategies. The program entails the understanding of main ideas and supporting ideas, making inferences from conversations and talks that deal with a variety of topics, and developing confidence in communication thoughts in an organized manner. Primary emphasis is placed on learning strategies to develop listening skills, especially in analyzing a situation or conversation and being able to take action or decision based on the results of analysis.

Basic Writing:

Description: This course develops and reinforces students’ organizational skills through an understanding of the writing structure and process. Essential principles of grammar and sentence structure are covered and students are introduced to the rhetorical modes of narration, description, and comparison-contrast. Primary emphasis is on strengthening foundational skills and establishing effective writing strategies through writing activities.

Business Writing:

Description: Business writing refers to the form of writing used for communication within an organization and between organizations that is usually intended to request, inform, or persuade. The course focuses heavily on two primary skills: the ability to fully develop an idea, and the ability to express that idea clearly, logically and concisely. Trainees are taught to use punctuation, sentence structure, and vocabulary as tools to achieve these goals.

Communication Skills:

Description: Communication skills in the workplace are among the most important aspects of organizational dynamics. Clear, concise. And effective communication promotes openness, enables projects and processes to more forward, and enhances relationships.

This workshop is designed to promote discussion and exploration of communication issues. It begins with basic communication principles followed by detailed discussions in the areas of interpersonal skills, listening skills, and conflict resolution techniques.

Presentation Skills:

Description: Effective communication is the key to success in our professional and personal lives. A team or an individual’s success is dependent upon the strategy and respect accorded through communication may it be oral or written. It is what makes an effective team and an efficient individual. This course is designed to fine-tune each trainee’s presentation skills from planning, organizing, and delivering a coherent presentation.



Zeus Academy provides complete English language and accent training support to five diverse groups of stakeholders:

  • Individuals and Groups
  • College students and fresh graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Corporate houses
  • Government agencies and NGOs

We customize training modules, programs and courseware based on the need of improvement and learning.

Our training programs are designed to increase productivity and improve access to opportunities both in life and career.

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