Spoken English classes in Chennai

Spoken English Classes in Chennai

Zeus “A Greek name derived from a Greek Mythology, means god of lightning. Our Zeus Academy Spoken English classes in Chennai Motto is “here begins a new life”. We believe in changing life of students, and to make them the best in their career as well as life.

Our Spoken English classes are dedicate to highest quality of training and delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit. Our Spoken English classes training emphasize practical principles and processes by designing programs that offer students the knowledge, skills, and practices. Besides grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, the main aim of our Spoken English classes’ courses is to help students communicate well in everyday situations within an English-speaking environment.

Course Objectives

The overall objective of our Spoken English classes is developing the participants’ language skills, with a particular focus on improving their communicative ability. Zeus Academy Spoken English classes in Chennai will provide courses that meet this aim based on the participants’ current levels, which will be defined through placement testing. If the levels are deemed to be too varied, the Zeus academy will provide advice on forming additional groups. Global Spoken English classes training lasts 60 to 70 hours.


Our Spoken English classes methodology focuses on real life communication. We believe the best way to learn language is to use it as much as possible. So we speak English in our classrooms. Our Spoken English classes participants will use up-to-date resources and cover aspects of modern learning with right usage.

Objectives of Our Spoken English classes in Chennai

By the end of the training, the students will be able to:

  • Improve Oral communication skills.
  • Proficiency in Accent and pronunciation.
  • Word stress and intonation pattern.
  • Pronunciation of key words and sentences related to Hotel Industry.
  • Effective presentation with greater confidence, credibility, and presence.
  • Speak natural English with good flow.
  • Clarity in thinking.

Spoken English classes Training Program

Our Spoken English classes training powers students to move beyond their comfort zone as they read for-and-attain-breakthrough goals. This provides a foundation for lifelong performance improvement. We focus on,

  • Global learning
  • Speaking clearly
  • Understanding and comprehending Global English
  • Language skills required for all industries
  • Soft skills
  • Written practices

Our testimonial page on our website and reviews in other websites speak volumes about our success. Our Spoken English classes in Chennai dedicate our success to our students because their success is our success. We expect the students to value and respect the Spoken English classes training. To achieve this they have to be passionate about whatever they do. It will really help them scale the new heights. Apart from Spoken English classes they also will learn a lot about other life skills such as ethics, behavioral skills, lateral thinking, and spontaneous thought process and so on.

Since 2009, we have trained thousands of professionals and many corporate organizations on different aspects of language and communication. Our students script our success story.


Zeus Academy provides complete English language and accent training support to five diverse groups of stakeholders:

  • Individuals and Groups
  • College students and fresh graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Corporate houses
  • Government agencies and NGOs

We customize training modules, programs and courseware based on the need of improvement and learning.

Our training programs are designed to increase productivity and improve access to opportunities both in life and career.

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