Spoken English in Chennai

spoken english in chennai

In today's Competitive World, English plays a leading role as Global Language. English is the common language which connects people from the various cultures and countries all over the world.

Why learn English?

As English is an international language, it has widened the scope of opportunities for everyone whoever speaks English. Knowing this language helps everybody to attach with the larger world everyplace, be it a regular oral communication, receiving education or operating globally.

Our Spoken English classes help students to communicate well in everyday situations within an English-speaking environment.

English fetches you a better job:

We provide the training for all level of people. Good Spoken English and written language not solely improves quality of life however conjointly improves the boldness of an individual to approach any sensible edges in life. Speaking English fluently help students with a guaranteed job when it comes for building career.

English is a language of higher studies:

Spoken English helps you roam around the world for business or higher education without any hesitation and fear of communication. You can easily get involved with people from the new environment as english is a commonly known language amongst educated people. Zeus academy provides an awesome language training to experience other cultures by actively improving your communication skill.

Speak English Faster and Better:

  • Improves your accuracy in Grammar
  • Development of reading skills
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Creates Art of Conversation
  • Enhances the Communication Skills
  • Increasing Ability to face the critical situation in communication
  • Our spoken English in Chennai has no more than 11 students in a class. For a complete list of all the details, http://www.zeusacademy.in/contact.php

We Start from the Basic English Grammar:

  • Noun, pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Tenses,
  • Proposition, Articles, Conjunction, Punctuation.
  • Grammar usage in sentences.

Learn English will develop your Interview skills based on:

  • Resume writing.
  • Interview question and answers.
  • Mock sessions.

Why Us:

Zeus academy training programs are designed for students of almost all levels who want a good foundation of English in a wide variety of language areas. Spoken English in Chennai will help you open the door to many opportunities around the globe. As well, you will be able to obtain professional jobs in your own country because you can Speak English. Your career growth will be excellent when you can Speak English fluently and read well.

We can provide a sequence of services to suit your needs!

Here begins a new life!


Zeus Academy provides complete English language and accent training support to five diverse groups of stakeholders:

  • Individuals and Groups
  • College students and fresh graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Corporate houses
  • Government agencies and NGOs

We customize training modules, programs and courseware based on the need of improvement and learning.

Our training programs are designed to increase productivity and improve access to opportunities both in life and career.

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